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May 5, 2011

In Who’s Death We Rejoice

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The wicked lie in wait
To catch the righteous one.
Rejoicing in his fate,
They slay him for their fun.
Yet when the wicked raise their voice,
Then in their deaths do I rejoice?
I called him “friend,” a friend.
In love I washed his feet.
In greed for coin to spend,
He kissed Me in deceit.
When he cried in despairing voice,
Then in his death did I rejoice?
Did I not die for all?
Did I not shed My blood
For all sinners who fall?
And washed you in its flood?
Yet when the wicked have no voice,
Then in their deaths do you rejoice?
The wicked lie in wait
To catch the baptized one.
Rejoicing in his fate,
They slay him for their fun.
And when the wicked break your voice,
Then in your death we both rejoice.
Because when your sin took My voice,
I made you in My death rejoice.

December 7, 2010

O, Hated Foe

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O, hated foe,
Source of my woe,
You came to me as incomplete,
I gave you shape and useful form,
and strove to set you on right feet,
But to my hopes, you wouldn’t conform.


You once were white,
as dead from blight,
I sought clothes in which to dress you,
Was never harsh nor thrashed with whips,
Yet my clothing you tore in two,
Choosing, in spite, to wear the strips.


As God’s own tongue,
Woke Adam’s lung,
On you, I chose life to bestow,
By means of words, their meaning clear,
But these, my words, you would not know,
Nor hold my words to you as dear.


Creature of spite,
And sleepless night,
You devoured my tape like bread,
Wasted my ink and paper, too,
Chewed up my scissors—now they’re dead,
And at my mental health did hew.


You’ve had your fun,
But now it’s done,
I mock you, sir, who once mocked me,
My teacher, now, will have you scored,
I leave you in her hands with glee,
I’ve conquered you, my poster board.


This poem written by Josiah Scheck upon the event of completing his poster board presentation for General Psychology at Concordia University, Mequon. Written 12/06/2010.

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