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May 3, 2011

Horgan Meets Jesus

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Ok, this one may require a bit of explanation: Dr. Horgan teaches the world history class that I’m taking for my core curriculum. One particular day, he was handing back the quizzes for the second unit of the class. The final portion of the quiz involved an unlabeled map of Europe, on which we had to mark the locations associated with certain historical people or events. This unit had involved the rise of Christianity, so one of the locations to identify was “the birthplace of Christianity.”

Now, before Dr. Horgan handed them back, he gave his characteristic intro spiel on how he thought it went. He began by mentioning that this is a Christian campus and most of us, here, are Christians, then continued by saying, “So it might be important to know where Jesus Christ was born! And He was not born … in Turkey!”

He then went on to explain how the first time this happened – several years ago – he had written to the president of the university asking, “If my students don’t know where Jesus Christ was born, can I flunk them?” The answer he received was, “You can, only if it’s written on the syllabus.”


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