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January 21, 2010

Custom Battlelore Monster: Wyrm

Filed under: Battlelore, Pencil — Josiah @ 6:00 am

Level: 3

Banner: red

Movement: 2 hexes*. Movement is not effected by terrain except for that which is impassable.

Retreat: Special: only a lore card may cause the wyrm to retreat*.

Morale: Bold. The wyrm may neither support other units nor be supported by other units.

Weapon: Flame—melee only. Special: for each lore rolled, place a flame token on the defending unit. The wyrm also receives lore tokens when lore is rolled. Banner color rolled count as hits, flags rolled count as retreats. Flame is not effected by terrain.

Tale lash—battle back only. Special: for each hex above 1 distant from the tale, use -1d, minimum of 2d (unless specified otherwise, for example, by a lore card). Tale lash is affected by the terrain occupied by both the attacker and the tale.

Damage: 4d

Bonus Strike: Battle back only.

Lair: N/A

Special Characteristics: The wyrm is composed of 3 body parts and, as such, must always take up 3 hexes. These parts are the head, the belly, and the tale. The head and the tale, both, must always be adjacent to the belly.

Special Abilities: Extended flame: for each lore spent, extend the wyrm’s Flame attack +1 hex in an adjacent group from the head. Roll the appropriate number of dice for Flame against all units in the selected hexes. Defending units in adjacent hexes with any part of the wyrm’s body may possibly battle back.

Vapor: At the cost of 3 lore, until the start of your next turn, all units in the same section as the wyrm’s head, play with -1 hex in movement (minimum 1 hex) and -1d in combat (minimum 1d).

Flame token:at the beginning of your opponent’s turn before playing a command card, your opponent must roll 1d/flame token against each unit with one or more flame tokens on it. For each lore rolled, remove one figure from the unit. Flame tokens may be removed by ordering the “flamed” unit and moving it adjacent to a river hex. The unit may not battle in the same turn the tokens are removed.

* when the wyrm moves, the head moves first, the belly moves into the hex the head vacated, and the tale moves into the hex that the belly vacated. The head may not double back onto the belly. The head may, however, move into the same hex as the tale because the tale will move. Retreats work the same way.

Note: the head is the location of the wyrm (except in the case of Tale Lash). In other words, the wyrm can only be ordered from the section that the head is in. Also, when deploying the wyrm, the head is what is deployed and the rest of the body must trail off.



  1. I like the intentionality in the sketch… e.g. thicker lines for the edges and such.

    Comment by Nathan — January 22, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

  2. Well, once I’d decided I liked how it had turned out, I went over the edges in pen. It’s also slightly enlarged.

    Comment by Josiah — January 22, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

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