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September 15, 2009

Custom Battlelore Monster: Hydra

Filed under: Battlelore, Pencil — Josiah @ 6:00 am

Hydra image

Level: 1

Banner: green

Movement: 2 hexes

Retreat: 2 hexes/flag

Morale: Special: the hydra is not bold but receives support from adjacent enemy units.

Weapon: bite—melee only. Special: having three heads, the hydra may attack up to three enemy units in one turn. It cannot, however, attack any unit twice in one turn.

Damage: 2d

Bonus Strike: yes

Lair: N/A

Warriors of the Dragon’s Teeth: If the hydra has personally killed a banner bearer, it may deploy a foot unit of same race, banner color, and weapon type (long swords become short swords) on an adjacent hex at the cost of #figures + 1 lore (a single banner bearer = 2 lore; a fully healthy unit = 5 lore).


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